Андрей (wesservic) wrote,

Italy: "No to the Nazi coup d'etat in Ukraine!"

Оригинал взят у mikle1 в Italy: "No to the Nazi coup d'etat in Ukraine!"
Protester holding sign (in Italian): "No to the Nazi coup d'etat in Ukraine"
SOT Giulietto Chiesa, Italian journalist and politician of the Communist Party (in English): "The so-called revolution in Euromaidan has been paid straightly by the United States, and now we are in a situation where for the first time, after WW II, Nazism reappears in the centre of Europe with the aid of the United States."

SOT Giulietto Chiesa (in English):" Only now I perceive that Europe is beginning to understand the danger they also face, because there is no solution for the crisis in Ukraine in the direction the United States have created. Now Europe has to pay."

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