Андрей (wesservic) wrote,

The Odessa Massacre, the Truth the West Want to Hide

The western main stream media are liars, they know what is going on in Ukraine and are deliberately covering up a massacre amongst other things carried out by U.S. backed Nazis. \all right thinking people need to support the struggle for indipendance in East Ukraine because if the people of east Ukraine fall then it will be a stepping stone to taking down Russia after which there will be nothing to stop the globalists eventually taking the whole world under their control.
The Ukraine crisis is obviously manufactured in a desperate attempt by the US to get at Russia.
The irony is all the main players in the interim Ukrainian Gov are Jews including Nuland and they are funding the new Nazis, Igor Kolomoisky is the one thought to be funding Right Sector and there's evidence to show he organised Odessa, he is well known for being totally ruthless.
The stance of the western msm is baffling none of them seem to have any integrity, all without exception have flipped everything. The only explanation is they are all interconnected and are desperate to cover up America's desperate attempt to prevent Russia signing the China gas deal in 3 days time, which will likely be the start of the end of the petrodollar. Then only god knows what will happen.

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